Oxana Zaytseva Roter Granatapfel © Oxana Zaytseva
Roter Granatapfel

PSALM 2017

April 9 to 17, 2017
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styriarte 2017

June 23 to July 23, 2017

From the house of styriarte

Everything the house of styriarte has to offer, displayed in a well organised manner, is presented on the following pages. In a purely business context, the house of styriarte is called “Steirische Kulturveranstaltungen GmbH”, but who would say that? Here, at the house of styriarte, the styriarte Festival is organised, as is the PSALM Easter festival. Here, we plan and organise the concerts of the Graz recreation orchestra, as well as the “Meerschein Matineen” winter series and much more. And here, you can buy the tickets for all of these wonderful events. So come on in!


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La Gloria di Primavera

April , 7 pm, Helmut List Halle

La Margarita

July 13 to 16 2017, Schloss Schielleiten
Oxana Zaytseva Roter Granatapfel © Oxana Zaytseva
Roter Granatapfel
PSALM 2017


April 9 to 17

The source of all human life is female. Sure, the lords of creation have spent thousands of years constructing an entire philosophical and theological arsenal of arguments to obscure this simple fact or to increase their own significance. But the fact remains: it’s women who bear children. And their fertility is the basis for the continued existence of mankind. So it’s no wonder that female fertility is at the heart of all cultures’ myths of origin …

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Season 2016/17

a very new saison

A wonderful programme and also big news the new season will offer you:

  • For our great orchestra cycle we have appointed six conductors – three gentlemen and three ladies.
  • We have dreamt up a brand-new idea, called BIG.SOAP. An easygoing concert format with TV attributes.
  • We also present our Baroque orchestra series at the Minoritensaal. This will be the fourth season of these stirring concerts on period instruments.
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styriarte 2017

The Dance of Life

June 23 to July 23

In the beginning, there was movement. It only takes a moment of reflection to understand that everything comes from movement: energy is movement, life is movement. From the behaviour of the smallest particles to the whole universe and yes, even space and time – everything is movement.

The 2017 styriarte goes links music to its dancing roots and tells – in the true meaning of the word – moving stories.