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April 14 to 22, 2019


the styrian festival

From the house of styriarte

Everything the house of styriarte has to offer, displayed in a well organised manner, is presented on the following pages. In a purely business context, the house of styriarte is called “Steirische Kulturveranstaltungen GmbH”, but who would say that? Here, at the house of styriarte, the styriarte Festival is organised, as is the PSALM Easter festival. Here, we plan and organise the concerts of the Graz recreation orchestra, as well as the “Meerschein Matineen” winter series and much more. And here, you can buy the tickets for all of these wonderful events. So come on in!


Fux: Dafne in Lauro. BO1

Die Geschenke der Nacht

June 19. / 20. / 22., Helmut List Halle
Andres_Orozco-Estrada_c_werner kmetitsch_021

Don Giovanni

July 16, 17 & 18, Helmut List Halle
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