Offene Probe: Weihnachtskonzert

Alfredo Bernardini mit Oboe
© Nikola Milatovic


Die Palais Attems.Musikwerkstatt lädt zur offenen Probe mit Alfredo Bernardini blickt in die Noten Alfredo Bernardini und dem Orchester Recreation ins Blick ins Styriarte.STUDIO im Palais Attems Styriarte.STUDIO.


Probe im Palais Attems

Die Palais Attems.Musikwerkstatt lädt zur offenen Probe!
Das Orchester Recreation und Alfredo Bernardini geben Einblick in die Probenarbeit zum Weihnachtskonzert.

Wann: Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2023, 10 Uhr
Wo: Styriarte.STUDIO im Palais Attems/1. Stock.


Recreation - Das Orchester


Recreation is special in many ways: consisting of musicians whose nationalities range from Japan to Venezuela, most of the members received part of their training in Graz. After its formation in 2002, the collective played unique halls such as the Alte Oper Frankfurt and worked with outstanding conductors.

Alfredo Bernardini

Oboist & Conductor

His incredibly lively and sonorous performing has made the Roman Alfredo Bernardini the leading baroque oboist of our time. As a soloist and conductor, he appears worldwide with top ensembles such as Hespèrion XXI or the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. His own ensemble Zefiro is also a celebrated public favourite at the Styriarte festival.