The Sound of the Seasons

Every season of the year has its own particular sound. In recreation’s coming season, the concert programmes are in harmony with the months: we start off in October with autumn in beautiful Paris; at the beginning of the new year, everything revolves around Beethoven – after all 2020 is Beethoven Year. When the ice melts in February, it will be time for Tan Dun’s Water Concerto, a percussion work of world renown, performed for the first time in Graz and conducted by Mei-Ann Chen. In the wondrous month of May, Brahms comes together with Dora Pejačević, a Croatian composer, whom he met as a girl in Budapest. Her Symphony in F sharp minor is a firm favourite with Mei-Ann Chen, who is the first of our female conductors: there is Marie Jacquot representing her homeland of France, Daniela Musca from Rome with Italian Schubert and Eva Ollikainen from Finland, quite romantic this time. It almost goes without saying that in recreationBAROCK it is women at the forefront as well: Mónica Waisman with Vivaldi, Veronika Skuplik with Purcell, Eva Maria Pollerus with Bach – which is not to say that the male conductors get left out. Come and see for yourself. Follow the sound of the seasons and months with our new programme.

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