Saison 2017/2018

Quite best friends

“Quite best friends” – that could well be the motto of the new, 16th season of recreation. Haydn and Mozart, Brahms and Strauss, Schumann and Mendelssohn, Liszt and Wagner – none were really meant for each other and yet they became close friends, allies even with a shared view of art. The same cannot be said for Salieri and Mozart, neither for Weill and Mahler nor for Bernstein and Copland. Pairings such as these make the programmes of our nine new double concerts at the Stefaniensaal in Graz especially appealing. Inevitably, our list of composers comprises almost only men, but it is women who dominate the conductor’s podium and as soloists. Three young women conductors from France, Finland and Lithuania, two of whom are even younger than 30, will beguile your ears. Marie Jacquot, Eva Ollikainen und Giedrė Šlekytė are just as brilliant as their prominent trainers. Their colleague Mei-Ann Chen is now effectively a regular conductor of recreation. An impressive quartet of conductors complement these four strong women: Michael Hofstetter, Sascha Goetzel, Christian Muthspiel and Andreas Stoehr.

We have had to take a step back from the BIG.SOAP series – our new invention of the 2016/17 season. This very costly format did not attract enough visitors to keep it running. Our baroque orchestra series at the Minoritensaal, however, will be expanded. Read more on the following pages.

We look forward to seeing you.

Mathis Huber


recreationBAROCK is growing

recreationBAROCK is a specialist ensemble for baroque music, comprising musicians from the ranks of our great orchestra. The musicians play on period instruments and in historical tunings and are always led by renowned masters of Early Music. The subscription series recreationBAROCK is now in its fifth season and owing to the great success of previous years, we are adding a magnificent baroque evening at the Helmut List Halle – slightly bigger and with a more spectacular orchestration – to the four double concerts at the Minoritensaal in Graz. This additional evening will only be held once, on Monday, when both visitor groups from the Minoritensaal – visitors holding Monday and Tuesday subscriptions – can meet.

So, the new subscription includes five instead of four concerts and if that’s not your thing, and you don’t fancy the idea of taking a trip to the Helmut List Halle, you still have the opportunity to choose the traditional subscription for four concerts: “Minoritensaal pur”.


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