Season 2018/2019

Round Trip Across Europe

Everybody is talking about Europe, so we’re turning it into music: The new season of recreation is a round trip from Scandinavia to Sicily, from Munich to Monaco, from Hamburg to Vienna. Women are increasingly setting the tone in modern Europe, and this is the case at recreation, too. Four strong women stand behind the conductor’s stand: Daniela Musca, from Rome, Eva Ollikainen from Finland, Mei-Ann Chen from Taiwan, and Ruth Reinhard from Saarland in Germany, who is building her career in New York. They represent two generations of women at the conductor’s stand, and there are still more to come. Young Patrick Hahn from Styria prepares the way for the male conductors at recreation, followed by Andreas Stoehr and Christian Muthspiel. Equality also prevails among the soloists. Gender is not an issue at recreation. What is an issue, however, is Brexit – it just happens to be that the United Kingdom is not represented in the new programme. This was not intentional because we believe in the EU and in Europe. The concert programmes of this new season will show just that.


We look forward to seeing you.

Mathis Huber



recreationBAROCK is a specialist ensemble for baroque music, comprising musicians from the ranks of our great orchestra. The musicians play on period instruments and in historical tunings and are always led by renowned masters of Early Music. The subscription series recreationBAROCK is now in its sixth season.


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