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styriarte 2017

June 23 to July 23, 2017

The Dance of Life

In the beginning, there was movement. It only takes a moment of reflection to understand that everything comes from movement: energy is movement, life is movement. From the behaviour of the smallest particles to the whole universe and yes, even space and time – everything is movement. Including of course human culture. Everything we say is movement and couldn’t that lead us to conclude that our most elemental arts are in fact music and dance?

Music and dance are linked so closely that it takes a massive cultural superstructure to separate them. Today, it’s mostly conventions and rules of decency that prevent music from taking us by the hands and carrying us away through nodding, tapping, rocking, swinging and swaying to and fro. It’s only natural to get up from our seats, fall into each other’s arms and open up to the warm feelings of wellbeing and excitement – for this is often the true essence of music.

The 2017 styriarte goes to the root of this connection. We link music to its dancing roots and tell – in the true meaning of the word – moving stories. Ritual and spiritual stories, as well as sensual and erotic dances. We revitalize forgotten dance traditions, such as the baroque horse ballet, and discover aspects of dance in the seemingly rigorous art music. We pay homage to the top performances in the high art of classical ballet. We search for the original inspiration that the composers found in folkloric dance music. And we immerse ourselves in the lively traditions of the dances of completely unfamiliar and distant cultures. Above all, however, we give you the opportunity to participate, be it in your mind’s eye or with your legs: join the dance of life – listen, feel and dance with us!