It’s time for a SOAP

There are concerts where instead of leaning back comfortably, you are sitting bold upright on the edge of your seat – excited to see what comes next. There is simply so much to see that you don’t want to miss a single moment.

Great actors and actresses usually seen on TV, movie screens and theatre stages talk about music and its creators in marvelous and surprising texts. And this event presents music that tells stories and conjures up images – played by the stars of the styriarte in varying and very special casts …

But this is still not enough to turn an unconventional concert into a true styriarteSOAP. What’s still missing is the exciting atmosphere of a TV show, where cameras capture everything on stage and project it live directly onto a big screen behind the artists.

Want to see how the pianist masters incredible scales with dexterity? At the styriarteSOAP, it’s as if you were sitting on the stage yourself. Always wanted to look over the concertmaster’s shoulder in the middle of the solo? SOAP gives you the most exceptional insights. Want to experience the intense concentration of the great masters up close? The cameras put you in the middle of the action.

This is of course with a wink and a nod … Because no matter how passionately our artists present music and words, they always remain humorous in doing so. They allow themselves to be caught in very private moments by the curious glance of the cameras. From time to time, the stage direction gives the audience an “applause” signal or other hints. And our warm-up puts you in the right frame of mind for styriarteSOAPs – the cheerful part of the festival …

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