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Everything the house of styriarte has to offer, displayed in a well organised manner, is presented on the following pages. In a purely business context, the house of styriarte is called “Steirische Kulturveranstaltungen GmbH”, but who would say that? Here, at the house of styriarte, the styriarte Festival is organised, as is the PSALM Easter festival. Here, we plan and organise the concerts of the Graz recreation orchestra, as well as the “Meerschein Matineen” winter series and much more. And here, you can buy the tickets for all of these wonderful events. So come on in!


Michael Hofstetter, Dirigent © Werner Kmetitsch
Michael Hofstetter, Dirigent


Dec. 14 / 15 / 16, 2015, Stefaniensaal
Nikolaus Harnoncourt dirigiert die Missa solemnis bei der styriarte 2015 © Werner Kmetitsch
Nikolaus Harnoncourt dirigiert die Missa solemnis bei der styriarte 2015

Beethoven Cycle

all 9 symphonies im June and July at Stefaniensaal
recreation 15/16_Titel

Season 2015/16

recreation – GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ: Never before has recreation been more romantic than in its 14th season. This season makes the Romantic era sparkle in all its facets, from fantasy and magic to irony and satire as well as through images of nature and national music.
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recreationBAROCK: This is the third cycle of the ensemble from Graz, specialised in Early Music, and we will stick with our winning formula from recent years: Internationally renowned artists leading our new, small orchestra through the vast, exciting musical landscapes of Europe. unser neues, kleines Orchester durch die weiten, aufregenden Musiklandschaften Europas.
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Nikolaus Harnoncourt dirigiert bei der styriarte The Fairy Queen © Werner Kmetitsch
a portrait:

Nikolaus Harnoncourt

… Today, Nikolaus Harnoncourt is one of the few true stars among conductors worldwide. Performances like the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra enable him to reach an audience of millions, displaying the characteristic passion and fiery intensity that identify him, first and foremost, as a true servant of his art.

Vom lieben Augustin - styriarte 2015 in der Seifenfabrik © Werner Kmetitsch
Vom lieben Augustin - styriarte 2015 in der Seifenfabrik
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