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Everything the house of styriarte has to offer, displayed in a well organised manner, is presented on the following pages. In a purely business context, the house of styriarte is called “Steirische Kulturveranstaltungen GmbH”, but who would say that? Here, at the house of styriarte, the styriarte Festival is organised, as is the PSALM Easter festival. Here, we plan and organise the concerts of the Graz recreation orchestra, as well as the “Meerschein Matineen” winter series and much more. And here, you can buy the tickets for all of these wonderful events. So come on in!


Beethoven 9 - styriarte 2016 © Werner Kmetitsch
Beethoven 9 - styriarte 2016

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this was styriarte 2016
Michael Hofstetter, Chefdirigent von recreation - GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ © Werner Kmetitsch
Michael Hofstetter, Chefdirigent von recreation - GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ

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Jupiter - Oct. 10/11
styriarte Festival Edition Beethoven!

Festival Editions

A very special moment in the relationship between Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the styriarte was when the conductor offered to take on the role of director, for his first and last time, in Graz for Mozart’s Idomeneo. In order to show this work to the world, we have created the “styriarte Festival Edition” based on the six performances in the Helmut List Halle in July 2008.
In the following years we showed more highlights of his work in this edition:

Beethoven-neue maestri
9 sinfinies - 3 conductors


One day before his 86th birthday, on Dec. 5th 2015, Nikolaus Harnoncourt announced his retirement from the stage – and meanwhile he died on March 5th – this meant for the styriarte festival to do some changes in it’s Beethoven Cycle, planned with Nikolaus Harnoncourt and his Concentus Musicus Wien. We reduced the performances from 11 to 7, we found new, surprising conductors for the project. We did a two-generation-jump, because none of the new conductors is only half as old as the gone master.

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the styriarte.SOAPs

It’s a successful format and they are already eagerly awaited: the styriarte.SOAPs with its entertaining mix of music and literature: