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Season 2014/15

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Meerschein Matineen

Start of the Season on November 29/30

From the house of styriarte

Everything the house of styriarte has to offer, displayed in a well organised manner, is presented on the following pages. In a purely business context, the house of styriarte is called “Steirische Kulturveranstaltungen GmbH”, but who would say that? Here, at the house of styriarte, the styriarte Festival is organised, as is the PSALM Easter festival. Here, we plan and organise the concerts of the Graz recreation orchestra, as well as the “Meerschein Matineen” winter series and much more. And here, you can buy the tickets for all of these wonderful events. So come on in!

styriarte - review

Werner Kmetitsch © Werner Kmetitsch


Remember the festival in our picture gallery

Story Telling

Exciting videos and trailers around the festival on vimeo.com/styriarte

The Bartered Bride

styriarte Festival Edition

Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s sensational production of Smetana’s The Bartered Bride for styriarte 2011.
The styriarte Festival Edition comprises the complete opera in three CDs, a video recording of the performance and a documentary of rehearsals on DVD.


in the programme again

They are on the best way to become “classics”: our SOAPs.
The idea of using texts and music to tell the stories of artists’ lives and using TV cameras to bring the audience closer to the artists on stage, was not missing when we went on the search for the nature’s spell.
And so this year we offered four SOAPs again:

recreationBAROCK Saison 2014/15 © Eleanor Rigby

New Season

For our second concert season, the Four Seasons 2014/2015, the Graz ensemble recreationBAROCK seizes on last year’s recipe for success; internationally acclaimed performers lead the new, small orchestra through Europe’s vast and exciting music scene, with mostly baroque violinists setting the tone.
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