Sun, 9. April 2017

Rebekka Bakken Singer/Songwriterin © Tina Axelsson
Rebekka Bakken, Singer/Songwriterin
Rebekka Bakken
Rebekka Bakken, the Norwegian with the three-octave-voice, beguiles with sensual and magical songs about womanhood today.

Mon, 10. April 2017

Emma Kirkby, Sopran und Jakob Lindberg, Laute © Emma Kirkby, Sopran und Jakob Lindberg, Laute
The Virgin Queen
Emma Kirby, the grande dame of Early Musik, sings lute songs around Elizabeth I. of England. Lorenz Duftschmid adds heartbreaking Dowland-sounds on the viol.

Tue, 11. April 2017

Ars Choralis Coeln © Wolfgang Burat
Ars Choralis Coeln
Ars Choralis Coeln follows the life story of Virgin Mary on medieval musical trails. The biblical stories are read by Mavie Hörbiger.

Thu, 13. April 2017

La Venexiana © La Venexiana
Freuden des Frühlings
Come to Italy for a little while … The splendid ensemble La Venexiana celebrates spring in Florence with a colourful Renaissance programme from Caccini to Monteverdi.

Fri, 14. April 2017

Kalasri Tanz- und Musikensemble © Imael Lorenzo
Kalasri Tanz- und Musikensemble
The Kalasri Dance and Music Ensemble portrays the mother goddesses of Hinduism by means of classical Indian temple dance. Mavie Hörbinger’s readings illustrate their stories.

Sun, 16. April 2017

Nobuntu - Frauenpower aus Simbabwe © Nobuntu - Frauenpower aus Simbabwe
Mutter Erde
Nobuntu from Zimbabwe sing, dance and play the story of an African woman who conquers her infertility with the aid of Mother Earth and can finally celebrate her blessed body.

Mon, 17. April 2017

recreationBAROCK © Werner Kmetitsch
La Gloria di Primavera
Stefan Gottfried conducts recreationBAROCK and stages an enchanting spring opera with highlights from a Scarlatti Serenata and Vivaldi’s “Spring” from “The Four Seasons”.