It is recreation’s 21st season! And everything is new again – well, almost everything. Your orchestra is the same: a crowd of musicians who merge as one every evening and bring to life the most inspired ideas of composers.


Once again a little different …

Now we can put behind us all the improvising of the last two years, which the pandemic made necessary. We are extremely proud of our audience who, flexible as ever, stayed true to us through thick and thin, masked, tested, and so on, and we are also quite proud of ourselves for finding a way to get us all through the difficult times together, safe and sound. 

Now we are starting afresh and once again counting on you to be flexible: what we are doing is combining the four half-full performances per production we had during the pandemic into two fully booked performances. However, having learned that our audience likes the earlier starting time (6pm) and the later starting time (8pm) in equal measure, and prefers the compact programmes of approximately 65 minutes duration, we are retaining these features. So the question is: what is new?

The concert day is different, at least for our Tuesday concert-goers, because in the coming season 22/23 both performances of the main concert series in the Stefaniensaal will be on Monday. The baroque series in the Minoritensaal will consist of three fully booked performances instead of the previous four half-full performances, and here Tuesday will still be an option.

What will definitely stay the same in the new season is the enjoyment we can guarantee you. Get as much Recreation from us as you can take. I look forward to the pleasure of your company.

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