Recreation with Recreation! The most beautiful journeys into the universe of classical music are on the way. With your orchestra: an enthusiastic group of musicians who become one every evening and bring the brightest ideas of composers to life.


But always with charm

There are some long-standing principles at the heart of Recreation. The majority of conductors are female, especially now that Mei-Ann Chen has been our chief conductor for four years. The original sound is the ideal we aim for in the Recreation Baroque series and whenever it seems necessary for Viennese Classicism. But, in all this, creativity is the most important priniciple. In many different ways, we want to express with our orchestra exactly what people feel, sometimes cheerful, sometimes serious, humorous or even tragic, but always with charm.

These principles hold true for Season 24/25, which actually has a secret theme: famous pairs of lovers like Romeo and Juliet, Clara und Robert Schumann and the legendary Chinese Butterfly Lovers. Elsewhere we are as charming as Johann Strauss the Younger on the dance floor, as cheerful as Mozart at Carnival, as serious as Bach in the coffee house and as pious as Humperdinck at Christmas. I hope you will enjoy studying the programmes and enjoy the concerts even more so, in Graz’s most beautiful concert halls.

Recreation - Season 23/24

RECREATION - The creators of sound

“A number of musicians come together as one and bring the finest ideas of composers to life, whereby every member of the audience experiences their own story. And finally the work of art is over, in the past, but the spirit of the listeners has awakened; they have undergone a “renewal of the soul” (Johann Sebastian Bach). And this restorative experience prompted by our creators of sound can never become routine, for the very reason that Recreation knows no routine.” 

This is the mission statement of the Recreation Orchestra, to which we are once again committed in the new season, our 22nd. So why wait? Get your tickets and as much Recreation as you can take. I look forward to the pleasure of your company!

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