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It is recreation’s 21st season! And everything is new again – well, almost everything. Your orchestra is the same: a crowd of musicians who merge as one every evening and bring to life the most inspired ideas of composers.


Leg room for all –second attempt

What is new in our 20th season? As the new principal conductor, Mei-Ann Chen will provide fresh inspiration for the Recreation Orchestra. It remains to be seen where exactly the charismatic American-Taiwanese conductor will take us this season, but what we can count on is many more happy faces in the orchestra and the audience. What more could we wish for?

You may remember that we promised leg room for all the audience for the Recreation season 20/21, and then we went one better: we brought most of our concerts straight to you in your living room. But we did not in fact mean to give you that much leg room! Now, for our anniversary season 21/22, we have a new promise to make: seating in the Stefaniensaal will be just as comfortable but we will still deliver to your living room. Knowing that you appreciate variety, we are offering you new concert days: for some concerts, Sunday afternoon will also be an option. With its combination of Sunday and Tuesday dates, we are calling this subscription “Für Flexible”. Then there is “Am Set”, the ideal subscription for those who find the context of the concert hall a little too formal, bringing music to your home in the form of filmed performances, a more relaxed experience. But we still have the classic Monday subscription with nine, five or four concerts. Our series of baroque concerts is returning to the Minoritensaal, which will soon have been fully restored to its former 18th century glory – again, variety is the spice of life.

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