PSALM is about endings and beginnings and so always concerned with the fundamentals of life. Spring is a special time of year, when we lay aside our thick winter coats, the snow melts and nature reawakens. At this time of powerful change, we consider the big questions in life.


March 24 - April 1 in Graz

Psalm 2024

Cycles of Life

Coming into being and passing on go together. For centuries human beings have been striving to understand the principles of existence, and the more they look up into the sky with their telescopes and satellites and look down into atoms through their microscopes and particle accelators, the better they grasp the mechanisms of nature. Yet even the very earliest human cultures understood that nature follows cycles. It is the planets circling the sun that makes life possible in the first place. And of course our own existence depends on the female fertility cycle, though this did not stop most religions from making a great taboo of this topic. Fortunately, more and more of the outdated taboos are now disappearing, and so, when we call this year’s PSALM Festival Cycles of Life, we are able to look at all the recurrent powers of nature that culminate around Easter time. Of course, the seasons of the year play a big part, but also the planets, and the moon and the cycles that go with it, for example the female cycle, which opens up the possibility of life, which in turn inevitably implies death. What could be better suited to the days around Good Friday and Easter than music dedicated to the cyclical nature of our world, glorying in it or holding out against it.

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