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Our Festivals

The home of styriarte is every bit as wonderful as it sounds – open, diverse and refined, and quite definitely always worth a visit. Please come in!

Our Festivals

From the home of Styriarte

About our Festivals

Your hosts in the home of Styriarte

The home of styriarte has four hosts to welcome you: our festivals. They are all different and special in their own way, but they have something in common – they offer an escape from everyday life. Open all year round, we are your local music provider or the life and soul of the party, depending on who you prefer to spend your time with. Come in!

Your hosts are looking forward to your visit:

In June & July | in Graz and in Styria | From early music to pop

PSALM. Endings and beginnings 
At Easter | in Graz | Death and rebirth in music

Recreation. Die Klang-Schöpfer*innen 
Once a month from October to June | in Graz | Orchestral music and special focus baroque 

Meerschein Konzerte. Best Entertainment 
Once a month from November to March | in Graz | at Meerscheinschlössl Graz | From Mozart to Pop mix