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Armonico Tributo

Armonico Tributo stehend in Schloss Arkaden
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Armonico Tributo

Already since 1989 the ensemble around Lorenz Duftschmied has dedicated itself to early music and contributed significantly to its development. A wide color palette of works is what makes Armonico Tributo so exciting, and captivates their audience.

About the ensemble

Armonico Tributo im Park

passion for music

Armonico Tributo, hailed by critics due to its versatility, virtuosity, and innovativeness was created in 1989 by Lorenz Duftschmid and his closest friends through their shared vision of creating a forum to address modern day cultural concerns using original instruments.

The remarkably varied repertoire of Armonico Tributo ranges from the ancient sounds of Celtic music to Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque, encompassing Viennese classics as well. The AnLeut publishing company was created for the purpose of experimenting with contemporary music on ancient instruments.

Like in Georg Muffat's collection of instrumental concerts (published in Salzburg, 1682) the idea becomes program: an inspiring concert of nations as a contribution to harmonising the world. Invitations to appear and successful performances at highly reputed festivals and the impressive take-up of the CDs, testify the growing acceptance of this vision across a wide cross-section of audiences and give added impetus to Armonico Tributo's mission of taking an adventurous journey of sound through the ages.
Armonico Tributo's production planning affords a special attention to detail. Whether in mystic original-sound installations of four, baroque slap-sticks, the complete open-air realisation of a "horse ballet" or in the interpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach's orchestral suites: mediocrity is never setting the standard and the "Armonico Tributo-effect" occurs - their passion for music emits sparks from the stage directly to the audience.

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