Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė

Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė im 70er Jahre Outfit
© Nikola Milatovic

Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė in der Fux.Oper Arianna bei der Styriarte 2022

The dancer, choreographer and director from Lithuania specialises in historical dance and theatre. In Styriarte productions, she particularly inspires with her stagings of operas and youth projects in collaboration with Adrian Schvarzstein.

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About the artist

Jūratė Širvytė-Rukštelė

Actress with many faces

Dancer, choreographer, and director, specialising in historical dance and theatre. She has contributed choreographies for several productions of Baroque operas at the Latvian National Opera in Riga, Banchetto Musicale Early Music Festival and the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius, etc. Her collaboration with Adrian Schvarzstein began in 2014, as his assistant in the production of Adriano Banchieri’s madrigal comedy La Barca at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

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