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Nobuntu in bunten Kleidern posieren für die Kamera
© Werner Puntigam


With authentic African music, the a cappella group from Zimbabwe celebrates the beauty and richness of their culture. Consisting of five female singers, Nobuntu sets important impulses for change in an otherwise male domain.

About the artists

Nobuntu posieren für die Kamera

innovative female power from Simbabwe

The young a cappella group Nobuntu comes from Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. This is where the heart of the Ndebele culture beats. The Ndebele, like other Zulu people, have a great tradition of choral singing and a cappella.

Nobuntu brings innovative female power to what is otherwise a male domain: five courageous female singers of a new generation celebrate the beauty and richness of their culture. They combine traditional Zimbabwean music, gospel, Afro-jazz and crossover and thus set important impulses for changes in conventional role patterns, promote solidarity, community, courage to face life and modesty.

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