Alles Fake

Eva Maria Pollerus am Cembalo
© Werner Kmetitsch

Eva Maria Pollerus


Albinoni's famous Adagio is a fake? Yes, but it remains fantastically beautiful! An enjoyable evening of deceivers and forgers with the Recreation Orchestra and Eva-Maria Pollerus verträumt am Cembalo Eva Maria Pollerus .


Baroque forgeries

Forgers cause trouble not only for the art trade but also the music world. Did you know that Albinoni’s famous adagio is a fake? Stravinsky thought he was working on themes by Pergolesi in his ballet “Pulcinella”. Mistake. The popular oboe concerto by Cimarosa is actually a work by Arthur Benjamin, and Pergolesi's flute concerto is not by him either. A concert of famous 18th-century musical forgeries that have become favourites in the repertoire.


Domenico Gallo: Sonata a 3 no. 1 in G major
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: Flute concerto in G major
Charles Avison: Concerto grosso No. 5 in d minor (after Domenico Scarlatti)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Harpsichord concerto in F minor, BWV 1056
Tomaso Albinoni (Remo Giazzotto): Adagio in g minor


Prices: EUR 60 / 47 / 34
U27: 50% off for all younger than 27

Eva Maria Pollerus

Harpsichord & Clavichord

Eva Maria Pollerus pursues a thousand paths to music as a harpsichordist, ensemble director and professor. As the youngest Austrian head of department, she set the tone for harpsichord, early music and performance practice at the Graz University of Arts before moving to the University of Music in Frankfurt am Main in 2012.

Recreation - Das Orchester


Recreation is special in many ways: consisting of musicians whose nationalities range from Japan to Venezuela, most of the members received part of their training in Graz. After its formation in 2002, the collective played unique halls such as the Alte Oper Frankfurt and worked with outstanding conductors.