Teatri 35
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Monteverdi's madrigals in the vocal art of Ensemble La Venexiana La Venexiana are an event in itself. With the living paintings after Caravaggio by Teatri 35 Teatri 35 , it becomes a total work of art. Unique!


Sounds and pictures

The greatest geniuses of early Italian Baroque come together in sound and images. The connection between the revolutionaries Monteverdi and Caravaggio cannot be explained in words – you have to see and hear it. The Teatri 35 theatre group represents Caravaggio’s most famous paintings in “living pictures”, while La Venexiana sings Monteverdi’s most moving madrigals: a Baroque Gesamtkunstwerk consisting of ”tableaux vivants“ und ”madrigali amorosi“.


Madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi (Lamento d’Arianna, Sì dolce è’l tormento etc.), Marco da Gagliano, Sigismondo d’India and others

Tableaux vivants after paintings by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break 


Prices: EUR 24 / 48 / 72

U27 (for all under 27) & Ö1 Intro: 50 % reduction
Ö1 Club & Standard Abo: 10 % reduction

Teatri 35

Theatre company

Teatri 35 is an Italian theatre group that has been working on the tableau vivant technique since 1999. The artistic core of Teatri 35 - Gaetano Coccia, Francesco Ottavio De Santis and Antonella Parrella - has been working together in the field of theatre experimentation for 20 years. Music plays a fundamental role in Teatri 35's theatrical experiments.

La Venexiana


The Italian ensemble, founded by Claudio Cavina and now led by Gabriele Palomba, has already thrilled audiences in all the world's major musical metropolises. La Venexiana savours the sound of the Renaissance and Baroque in all its facets with passion and unbridled musical joy.