Ring ohne Worte


Mei-Ann Chen dirigiert Mei-Ann Chen fulfils a wish of her heart: she conducts Richard Wagner sieht mit ernstem Gesicht in die Kamera Richard Wagner's "Ring des Nibelungen" in orchestral cross-section without singing voices - the master's leitmotifs tell the story even without words.


Recreation - Das Orchester


Recreation is special in many ways: consisting of musicians whose nationalities range from Japan to Venezuela, most of the members received part of their training in Graz. After its formation in 2002, the collective played unique halls such as the Alte Oper Frankfurt and worked with outstanding conductors.

Mei-Ann Chen


Born in Taiwan, Mei-Ann Chen has lived in the US since 1989 and holds a doctorate in music (conducting) and a master’s degree in violin performance. One of America’s most promising young conductors, she was the first woman to win the Malko International Conductors Competition and has been appointed chief conductor of Recreation Graz beginning fall 2021.

Ursula Strauss


Born in Melk at the Danube, Ursula Strauss initially trained as a kindergarten teacher before developing her acting skills on stages in Germany and Austria. Today she is one of the most sought-after actresses in the German-speaking world and demonstrates a special flair for lending authenticity to her characters.

Thomas Höft

Dramatic adviser

Seit 1994 prägen seine Ideen und Erzählungen das Antlitz und die DNA des Hauses Styriarte entscheidend mit. Neben der Dramaturgie, in der sein unkonventioneller Expertensinn für Musikgeschichte(n) immer neue Überraschungen aufspürt, ist der 1961 geborene Niedersachse auch Autor und Regisseur mit europaweitem Wirkungskreis.


Mei-Ann Chen has her heart‘s desire:

She conducts “The Ring of the Nibelung” by Richard Wagner as a cross-section of the operas and without voices. Lorin Maazel was not the only one who was of the opinion that the “Ring” sounded even more magical without heroic tenors. The score is full of superlative orchestral favourites: from the waves of the Rhine to the entry of the Gods into Valhalla; from the ride of the Walkyries to the magic fire; from the forest weaving to Siegfried’s death.

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