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Wiener Klassik

Elisabeth Fuchs dirigiert strahlend
© Erika Mayer

Conductor Elisabeth Fuchs


Elisabeth Fuchs in roter Bluse Elisabeth Fuchs invites to comparison: Can the Marianna Martines um 1780 (Gemälde von Anton von Maron) Marianna Martinez Symphony triumph alongside Mozart's Flute Concerto? In any case, Haydn is the laughing third.


Martinez vs. Mozart

Marianna Martinez easily managed that which cost the young Mozart some effort: she got into the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna without even having to do an examination – as their first ever female composer. Salzburg conductor Elisabeth Fuchs invites the audience to make the comparison: can a symphony by Martinez pass muster alongside Mozart’s Flute Concerto No. 2? Chuckling Joseph Haydn is the third composer: his Symphony No. 67 is simply brimming with gags. Laughter in the auditorium guaranteed!


Marianna Martinez: Symphony in C major
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Flute Concert No. 2 in D major, KV 314
Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 67 in F major


Prices: EUR 72 / 60 / 47 / 34 / 21
U27: 50% off for all younger than 27

Recreation - Das Orchester


Recreation is special in many ways: consisting of musicians whose nationalities range from Japan to Venezuela, most of the members received part of their training in Graz. After its formation in 2002, the collective played unique halls such as the Alte Oper Frankfurt and worked with outstanding conductors.

Elisabeth Fuchs


The Austrian principal conductor of the Salzburg Philharmonic studied orchestral conducting, oboe, school music and mathematics. Elisabeth Fuchs loves to break musical boundaries, which has led to special collaborations with greats such as Stjepan Hauser of 2Cellos or Rolando Villazon.