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Ensemble Oni Wytars

Ensemble Oni Wytars
© Antje Seeger

Ensemble Oni Wytars

Shimmering, dancing and unbelievably lively, the cultures grow together when this excellent ensemble, formed around Marco Ambrosini, Katharina Dustmann, Peter Rabanser, Michael Posch and Riccardo Delfino, celebrates the sounds of the Mediterranean. The elaborate celebrates a marriage with the popular, just as the Orient celebrates a marriage with the Occident.

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Das Ensemble Oni Wytars auf der Bühne


The Ensemble Oni Wytars has been founded in 1983 to give a new and impulsive expression to Early Music. The focal point of the work has always been to explore and unite the many traditions that have influenced and enriched European medieval musical culture, especially the relationship between art music and popular music in the commuting area of mediterranean culture.

After working for years with the rich repertoire of the Italian "trecento", the pilgrim songs from 13th and 14th century Spanish and Catalan manuscripts, medieval Troubadour and Trouvère melodies, we finally took one step further to explore the immense heritage of Renaissance and early Baroque music. To the ensemble it seems natural to research within todays Italian, Spanish and French Folk-traditions whose roots we can find undoubtedly in the music of the 15th and 16th century. The result is a mediterranean sound-cosmos made out of melodies, rhythms and improvisations, archaic pre-medieval hymns to the sun and 14th century Tarantellas, monidic medieval songs and abounding poliphonic Villanelle from the Early Baroque, performed on instruments that have outlasted millenia.

The core of Ensemble Oni Wytars are Marco Ambrosini, Katharina Dustmann, Peter Rabanser, Michael Posch and Riccardo Delfino.

For their concerts and CD projects they like to invite reknown musicians of both Early and Folk music. Collaborating with outstanding masters such as the Roman singer Gabriella Aiello, Sardinian "launeddas" player Luigi Lai, the Crete-based duo Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma (Cretan lyra, tarhu), the tamburello virtuoso Carlo Rizzo, Michael Behringer (organ, harpichord) and Ian Harrison (cornetto, shawm, bagpipes) the two albums "Mediterraneum" und "La Follia - the Triumph of Folly" have been realised.

The ensemble travels across the world from concert halls to festivals and vice versa. WDR television accompanied the ensemble for a month in summer 2007, produced a TV report from it and broadcast it on several European TV channels.

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