Karl Markovics

Karl Markovic blickt ernst und direkt in die Kamera
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Actor Karl Markovic

The superstar of national cinema fascinates his audience with ever new facets. His career, which began in 1994 with "Kommissar Rex" and was crowned in 2008 with the leading role in the Oscar-winning Ruzowitzy film "The Counterfeiters", he now also continues as a stage director. Styriarte loves his incredibly impressive guest performances as a reader.

Karl Markovic liest auf der Bühne


Roots and career

Karl Markovics, born in Vienna in 1963, is one of the "character heads" of German-language cinema with his distinctive face. His career began in the 1980s on stage at the Serapion Theatre and to this day Markovics appears regularly at the most important Viennese theatres.

Markovics took on his first film roles at the beginning of the 1990s and subsequently appeared in numerous TV and theatre productions, including the Theater in der Josefstadt and the Wiener Volkstheater, where he also directed a play himself for the first time in 2005 with Eugène Ionesco's "The Bald Singer".

Greatest successes

His greatest international success of the recent past was probably the leading role in Stefan Ruzowitzky's film "The Counterfeiters", which was awarded "Best Foreign Language Film" at the 2008 Academy Awards. In the movie "The Devil's Lover" by Czech director Filip Renč about the life of the controversial Czech acting diva Lída Baarová, Markovics plays the leading role, Baarova's lover Joseph Goebbels. The film was shot mostly in the Czech Republic from April to June 2015, and had its world premiere in Prague in January 2016. In the film "Murer - Anatomy of a Trial" presented at the Diagonale in 2018, he is starring as Simon Wiesenthal.

Behind the camera

In 2011 Karl Markovics made his debut as a director and screenwriter with the feature film "Atmen". The production was recognised at the 64th Cannes Film Festival as well as at the Austrian Film Award in 2012.In 2015, his second film "Superwelt" followed, and he is currently shooting the third: "Nobadi", which was released in 2019.


Markovics is married to theatre actress Stephanie Taussig and is the father of two adopted children. He lives near Vienna.

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