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Mathis Huber

Mathis Huber blickt in die Kamera
© Regine Schöttl

Mathis Huber - programming director at the House styriarte

Mathis Huber vor dunklem Hintergrund blickt frontal, in die Kamera

Programming director at the House styriarte

The cultural manager Mathis Huber was born in 1958 in Graz, studied oboe, musical education and musicology in his home town. He worked as freelance journalist for the newspaper “Kleine Zeitung” and the Austrian TV cooperation “ORF”, and at the same time as tutor at the institute of musicology in Graz. In this position he came in contact with the styriarte Festival, which was founded in 1985, for the first time because he was in charge of the scientific assistance of the festival.

In October 1990 he was finally appointed the new artistic director of the styriarte festival – a function which he has held with both great engagement and success by today. Furthermore, he has been the managing director of the Mozartgemeinde Graz (since 1986) as well as the organiser of the Easter festival PSALM (since 2003) und the summerly concert series Serenata (2005-2009).

Since 2002 he has also been the artistic director of the orchestra recreation – GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ.

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