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POPVOX mit bunten Perücken


Under the direction of the shrill pop professor Mani Mauser, the vocal ensemble Popvox pursues the goal of realising pop music in chorus, bringing a unique show to the stage.

About the artists

new sounds, bright colours and a breath of fresh air

In 1999, a colourful and individualistic bunch of passionate singers under the direction of Mani Mauser set out to bring new sounds, bright colours and a breath of fresh air to choral music. A lot of time has passed since then and a multitude of different singers have enriched the choir over the last two decades, musically shaping it and passing numerous "stage adventures" at home and abroad. From casting shows to jazz summers, from mountain peaks on the Asitz to event ships on the Bodensee, from Hangar 7 to winning medals at the World Choir Games - numerous stage adventures mark the path of the pop choir.

Despite all the diversity, however, Mani Mauser has always managed, as the heart and soul of POPVOX, to preserve its uniqueness, its musical enthusiasm and, above all, the unbroken fun of its live performances.

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