Universe of Music. Visual Poem.

Universe of Music. Visual Poem.

Johanna Gußmagg and Ally Schober's film tells of the crackling in the concert hall and the small moments in the big universe.

A film by Johanna Gußmagg und Ally Schober. 
A Styriarte production. 

Recorded as part of the Jupiter concert on October 18 and 19, 2021 at the Stefaniensaal in Graz.

The project is supported by Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, Öffentlichen Dienst und Sport

Universe. We are all part of the same and still so often caught up in our own. Our reality, our thoughts, our problems. Yet there are moments in life that make us forget all that and for a few hours we are part of the same universe. The most beautiful one you have ever seen.  

The universe of music. 

It begins way earlier than with the first note.  

Our concert starts when you are presented with the ticket on your birthday, when you go for dinner before the event and when the anticipation rushes through your body.   
When everyone has found their place for the night, smiled at the stranger next to them, flicked through the program and whispered a little something to their accompaniment - that’s when the lights go out. Yet when you listen closely they still crackle. Everyone is sitting still, but some chairs creak. It’s the brief moment just before the first note reaches us when you realise how silent music can be.  

Perhaps you wondered how everything started, but most people wonder how it will end. 

Maybe we need endings, maybe nothing is infinite. If you think about a piece of music that goes on and on, you will realize that endings can be very beautiful. They are always the start of something new, a first step into an unknown direction, a short glance into a new universe.  

So where do you go next? 

The filmmakers

Filmemacherinnen Ally Schober and Johanna Gußmagg

Film makers Ally Schober and Johanna Gußmagg

Ally Schober and Johanna Gußmagg, a well-coordinated team both professionally and privately, got to know each other through their studies in information design. Through their focus on "Media Design" they discovered their enthusiasm for film and now combine this passion with other interests such as travelling and music. The film duo is bursting with ideas and is in the process of discovering themselves and finding their own style. In summer 2021, they have already accompanied our youth orchestra project with Andrés Orozco-Estrada and Adrian Schvarzstein and produced the touching Making.Of Wir & Tschaikowski.

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