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PSALM 2022

Psalm 2022 - Be The Change

Graz April 10 to19 2022

What can we all do to make the world a better place, with more justice, freedom and safety? This is the question PSALM 2022, the Graz Easter Festival asks, and in so doing connects to a remarkable and very topical campaign. With its “17 Sustainable Development Goals”, the United Nations is striving for nothing less than a better world, and the great thing about it is that every single one of us can take part and begin right away. So the obvious thing to do is take up the UNO’s idea in our Easter festival, PSALM, and join in. After all, people have been asking themselves and seeking answers to questions of this kind for thousands of years, and in the arts too. For our new PSALM programme, we have selected seven of the UNO’s 17 goals to illustrate with our very own medium, great music, spanning a range from Africa to the North Pole and from medieval song to contemporary pop music.

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