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All you need is love

Vokalensemble Singer Pur
© Markus Amon

Singer Pur


Is love really all you need? If you want to sing about love, you need voices as vibrant as those of Die sechs Sänger von singer Pur blicken  in die Kamera Singer Pur - who span the ages from Monteverdi to Irving Berlin.


What to expect:

Vocalmusic from Claudio Monteverdi to Irving Berlin

Supported by:

Singer Pur

Vocal ensemble

Even as Domspatzen they dreamed of the adventure of a cappella. 29 years, countless awards and world tours later, the sextet Singer Pur - in a rejuvenated line-up - is one of the best ensembles in its field, and is an official ambassador for its home city of Regensburg.


Singer Pur takes over

The London vocal ensemble Voces8 is inconsolable: due to the extended Covid restrictions in the UK, the artists* cannot leave the country and have to cancel their concert on 13 July for the Styriarte yet again. At short notice we have managed to engage the German vocal ensemble Singer Pur as a replacement, who will sing a programme entitled "All you need is love" for the Styriarte visitors on the scheduled date.
Tickets remain valid. We ask for your understanding.

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.

Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66


  • Ö1 Intro: the "Kultüröffner" for everybody younger than 30

  • U27: 50% off for people younger than 27

Radiobroadcast: TU, July 27, 02.05pm, Ö1