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Die Lust des Apuleius


Peter Simonischek liest bei der Styriarte 2013 Peter Simoni­schek luxurious voice tells the original story around which our festival is centred: "Amor and Psyche". Ottavia Maria Maceratini liegt auf Notenblättern und blickt verträumt in die Ferne Ottavia Maria Macera­tini answers with beguiling piano music from Satie to Debussy.


What you can expect

Erik Satie: Gnossienne No 1 and No 3
Claude Debussy: Six épigraphes antiques
Italian piano pieces from Martucci and Busoni

Reading from the narrative of Apuleius, “Cupid and Psyche”

Peter Simoni­schek

His charisma gives every text personality, aura and tension. Born in Graz in 1946, he has made theatre history in Berlin (Schaubühne) and Vienna (Burgtheater) as well as in Salzburg as Jedermann for many years. In addition, he has had huge successes in film. The Styriarte festival loves his readings to music.

Ottavia Maria Macera­tini


Das Zusammendenken scheinbarer stilistischer Gegensätze zu völlig neuen, inspirierenden Programmen gehört zu den Steckenpferden der italienischen Ausnahmepianistin, deren kreatives Interesse keinerlei Epochengrenzen kennt. Ihr herausragendes Können ist mit 28 ersten Preisen bei Musikwettbewerben reichlich belegt.


Peter Simonischek lends his beautiful voice to the legend at the heart of our festival.

Peter Simonischek, one of Austria’s greatest actors, reads the ancient tale of Amor (Cupid) and Psyche, on which the baroque opera of this year’s festival is based. Piano pieces by Satie, Debussy and others recreate the atmosphere of the ancient Roman. To this day the ruins of Madauros in northeastern Algeria bear witness to the importance of the old Roman-Berber city where the poet Apuleius created his tale of Amor and Psyche. Various explanations have been given for this enigmatic story. It is no accident that the human psyche has taken its name from the unhappy princess, whose desire to see the face of her anonymous lover has tragic consequences.

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.

Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66


Radiobroadcast: Tue, July 6, 02.05pm, Ö1