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Graz is worth a trip!


The GrazGuides invite you on a musical journey through the city and surprise those who love to travel with unknown corners and fascinating stories.

Information about the procedure

a musical tour of the city

Off we go on a musical tour of the city with the GrazGuides! We discover roads that lead to distant places as well as hidden alleyways. We find out who stayed at what hotel – who came and left again, who travelled through, who came and stayed. And we experience a new side of Graz, because people who love travelling are always curious to know more and open to surprises … 

Guides: GrazGuides

The guided tours take place on the five Styriarte Saturdays:
June 25 / July  2 / 9 / 16 / 23

Meeting point: Südtirolerplatz / at the corner to Mariahilferstraße 
Start: 10.30 am and 11 am
Duration: about 2 hours  
Price:  25 € / person 

(Guided tour in German language)

Graz: I want to stay here a few days and rest; I like the city and the people.
Johann Gottfried Seume