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Love Songs

Die Band 5K HD
© Hanna Fasching


greatest emotions, tiniest space. Exceptional voice Mira Lu Kovacs and her exciting band die Band 5K HD blicken direkt in die Kamera 5K HD recreate their Best Of love song - Beatles to Rihanna, Björk to Alabama Shakes.


What to expect:

The Beatles: Don’t Let Me Down
The Delfonics: La-La Means I Love You
Grover Washington Jr. / Bill Withers: Just the Two of Us
Tina Turner: What’s Love Got to Do with It
Björk: All is Full of Love / Rihanna: Only Girl
Feist/James Blake: Limit to Your Love
Alabama Shakes: Gimme All Your Love u. a.



Pop-Avantgarde at its finest. Praktisch seit seiner Gründung 2016 genießt das Wiener Quintett 5K HD den Status einer genialen Supergroup, in der die Hypervirtuosität des Jazz-Quartetts Kompost 3 mit der Hyperindividualität von Mira Lu Kovacs‘ Popstimme in bahnbrechender Symbiose lebt. Das ist österreichische Musik von Weltformat.


The greatest emotions in the tiniest space:

It was when composing love songs that even Dowland, Handel and Schubert were most intimately kissed by the muse. Pop music has always found a congenial way of keeping up the tradition. The Viennese quintet 5K HD has created for the styriarte its very own panorama of love songs from the last 75 years. Mira Lu Kovacsʼs unique voice goes straight to the heart of all these outbursts of emotion – delicate, expressive and accomplished, embedded in the visionary sound of one of the most exciting pop bands around today.

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.

Price: EUR 22


  • Ö1 Clubmembers: 10% off for two tickets

  • Ö1 Intro: the "Kultüröffner" for everybody younger than 30

  • U27: 50% off for people younger than 27