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Salsa Sinfonica


Salsa originated in the Bronx in New York. But the hot rhythms of Ismael Barrios auf der Bühne Ismael Barrios Salsa Explosion Band & Orquesta de Cuerdas de styriarte can kindle their fire into the Helmut List Halle.


What to expect:

On the trail of traditional Son Cubano to Salsa music from the Bronx.

Chan Chan, El Cuarto de Tula, Silencio, Tres gotas de agua Bendita, Tributo Celia Cruz u. a.

Supported by:

Ismael Barrios


Seit 1982 ist er der beliebteste „Zuagroaste“ der Grazer Szene: Der gebürtige Venezolaner Ismael Barrios, ursprünglich klassischer Gitarrist, spielte als Perkussionist mit Größen wie Opus, STS, Alegre Corrêa oder Martin Grubinger zusammen. Seine Band „Salsa Explosion“ ist ein wahrer Publikumsmagnet auf allen Bühnen des Landes.


It was in the Bronx of 1960s New York

It was in the Bronx of 1960s New York that Caribbean immigrants first blended their traditional music with the sound of the New World. The legendary Johnny Pacheco from the Dominican Republic coined the term salsa, and this “sauce” consisting of a mix of hot rhythms and styles of Latin-American music was a worldwide success. With his band and classical strings, Ismael Barrios guarantees us a hot and spicy night.

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.

Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66


  • Ö1 Clubmembers: 10% off for two tickets

  • Ö1 Intro: the "Kultüröffner" for everybody younger than 30

  • U27: 50% off for people younger than 27