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Schwedi­sche Weih­nachts­stube

Miriam Andersén spielt Harfe

Miriam Andersén


Miriam Andersén mit verwehten Haaren Miriam Andersén , Ulrika Gunnarsson and Anders Larsson sweeten the coziest time of the year by bringing the Scandinavian sounds of a Swedish Christmas Parlour into the Meerscheinschlössl Gartenseite Meerscheinschlössl.


The Celebration of the return of the ligh

In Sweden the night before 13th December was once considered to be the longest of the year and was traditionally the beginning of the Christmas period. The next day, St Lucia’s Day, the festival celebrating the return of the light takes place. Every girl wants to wear the crown of candles and lead the “Lucia procession” (boys too nowadays). And at this time, people gather in the “Julstuga” (Christmas parlour) to make music, sing and dance. Miriam Andersén and her fellow musicians bring the “Christmas parlour” to Graz.


Music for the Pre-Christmas Season from Sweden

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.


Prices: EUR 22 / 33

Miriam Andersén

harp & chant

The Grammy winner Miriam Andersén is one of Scandinavia’s most renowned singers. As a prestigious harpist and performer of medieval styles of music, she is also an expert on Swedish folk music.

Ulrika Gunnars­son

Vocals, Violin

Ulrika's music case contains a bit of everything: original compositions, the Norwegian, the Irish, but always with the folk music from Småland in the middle.

Anders Larsson

Vocals, Guitar

Anders Larsson started out his musical career as the bassist of a punk band, before plunging into the folk tradition of Sweden and becoming a sensational folk singer and musician.