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Tango trifft Klezmer

Moritz Weiß (Bassklarinette) & Ivan Trenev (Akkordeon)
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Duo Trenev & Weiß


Rhythmically playful melodies meet laughter and sighing when the Duo Trenev & Weiß mit Blick nach oben Duo Trenev & Weiß invites into its world of tango and klezmer with clarinet and accordion.


Dialogue between two best friends

In the cold month of February, two best friends of World Music chamber music, the clarinet and the accordion, meet up in our concert. The laughing, sighing and rasping sounds of the clarinet are accompanied by the mellow, crystal-clear sounds of the accordion, creating rhythmical, playful melodies. Trenev and Weiß take two wonderful musical forms, tango and klezmer, and with great virtuosity and dedication, bring to light all that the two have in common.


Marizza 19 (Moritz Weiß), B’nai Brith (Ivan Trenev), Balkanplatte (Florian Dohrmann), Tango No 1 (Ivan Trenev), Carnyx (David Orlowsky), Russian Sher (Trad.)

Duo Trenev & Weiß on YouTube

Programme as a download

The performance lasts 60-70 minutes without an interval.


Prices: EUR 22 / 33

Duo Trenev & Weiß

The duo Trenev and Weiß devotes itself virtuously and with full devotion to two wonderful musical styles and plays their similarities freely - the tango and the klezmer.