XXX – Unser Platz im Universum

STUDIO PERCUSSION graz und Arnold Hanslmeier im Lift
© Roland Planitz


The universe offers us an uncountable number of motifs - why not feel just as many rhythms? STUDIO PERCUSSION graz sends a thousand and one beats to the stars, which Arnold Hanslmeier mit Teleskop Arnold Hanslmeier observes from the perspective of an astrophysicist.


Space: infinite vastness

… but what exactly is our place in this great oneness? This is a question that priests, philosophers and physicists have answered in various ways over the centuries. And quite a few have compared the proportions of the universe with music, which is as good a reason as any for STUDIO PERCUSSION graz to give its musicians free rein in rhythmically tracing the cosmos. Using awe-inspiring images, astrophysicist Arnold Hanslmeier tells of the knowledge that modern physics has gained about the universe.


Peter Gabis: Traces of the Big Bang, Vinishas Dream 
Emanuel Sejourne: Attraction 
Leo Waltersdorfer: Fraktal 
Claudio Spieler: Night Light, Eight Planets 
Susana Sawoff/Raphael Meinhart: The Future, We’ll laugh until we cry 
Raphael Meinhart: Tschugg, Valse 
Leo Waltersdorfer/Helwig Brunner: Hier 
Luis Oliveira: Herr Hanslmeier 
Victor Feldman/Miles Davis: Seven Steps to Heaven

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break


20 minutes before each performance in the foyer, we will tell you about the story of the evening.


Prices: EUR 20 | 38 | 58

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
Reductions: U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

Arnold Hanslmeier

Narration / Astrophysicist

Whether it's space weather, solar cycles or dark matter - Arnold Hanslmeier always looks into unimaginably distant corners of the human imagination. As Professor of Astrophysics at the Graz Institute of Physics, he has been teaching the basics of astronomy for almost 30 years and successfully communicating them to the general public. An asteroid was also named after him in 2023.

Susana Sawoff


As a she-wolf in sheep's clothing among the Styrian jazz voices, Susana Sawoff invents intimate, soothing song worlds as a composer, pianist and singer. The self-taught musician, who now lives in Hamburg, elegantly explores every corner of jazz and pop music with her jazz trio, indie duo and trashy electro-pop.



Founded by Günter Meinhart, the focus of the renowned ensemble, in addition to the classical repertoire of percussion works of the 20th century, is on collaboration with young composers who write new works especially for the percussionists of Studio Percussion Graz.