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As Johann Sebastian Bach put it: “Music’s only purpose should be for the Glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit”. Recreation of the soul, that’s what the orchestra provides for its audience: refreshment, revival, recreation. Furthermore, recreation is what the musicians do: they reconstruct the process of creation by bringing an otherwise lifeless work of art back to life. Since 2002, the musicians of the “recreation” project have been working together in the “Großes Orchester Graz” and have been trying to find new ways to reach this goal.


recreationBAROCK © recreationBAROCK

Ein Traum von Venedig

May 6 & 7, 7.45 pm, Minoritensaal
Julia Hagen, Violoncello © Shirley Suarez
Julia Hagen, Violoncello

A Serious Game

May 20 & 21 2019, Stefaniensaal
recreation - Großes Orchester Graz, 2018/19 © styriarte
recreation - Großes Orchester Graz, 2018/19
Season 2018/19

Round Trip Across Europe

with recreation

Everybody is talking about Europe, so we’re turning it into music: The new season of recreation is a round trip from Scandinavia to Sicily, from Munich to Monaco, from Hamburg to Vienna.

In the new season you can expect nine exciting concert evenings in the double cycle with GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ at Stefaniensaal, as well as four performances with recreationBAROCK at Minoritensaal!

styriarte - die steirichen Festspiele - Sujet 2019 "Daphne"_Foto and design by Birgit Mörtl - and Posproduction by Philipp Schulz - styriarte-Sujet 2019 "Dafne" © Birgit Mörtl - - Foto and design
Posproduction by Philipp Schulz -
styriarte - die steirichen Festspiele - Sujet 2019 "Daphne"
styriarte 2019


June 21 to July 21

We are all aware that the world is constantly changing. Our environment is changing, our life is changing, we are changing. Constantly and perpetually. Very often, we are not all too happy about that. For we would like everything to stay the way it used to be, so that we know what is going on, feel safe and have to worry less. Of course, this is an illusion – and a dangerous one at that because we have very little influence on the transformations occurring around us …


Mei-Ann Chenn wird „Erste Gastdirigentin“ von recreation © Sandra Wanderer
Mei-Ann Chenn wird „Erste Gastdirigentin“ von recreation

Mei-Ann Chen

“Principal Guest Conductor”

“I am delighted that the great personal and artistic relationship that has developed in the collaboration between Mei-Ann Chen and the recreation-GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ musicians since 2011 is now expressed in the fact that Mei-Ann Chen will act as the “Principal Guest Conductor” of our orchestra …” (Mathis Huber, Artistic Director)

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