More comfort!

Leg room in every row in the stalls! Who would have thought that a virus could make our auditorium more comfortable? But it does, and this is why: the recreation orchestral concerts are now taking place in a Stefaniensaal that has been adapted to provide safer and more comfortable seating. In the space normally taken up by 29 rows, there are now only 20. The distance between the rows is more generous than flying first class. Add to this more room at the sides, and an airy, comfortable and safe concert experience for you and 500 (instead of 1000) other concert goers is guaranteed. This reduced seating brings with it other changes in the brave new world of recreation: there are two performances of each concert in an evening, the first at 6pm and the second at 8pm, and the programme is slightly shorter, lasting almost exactly 60 minutes, and without an interval. The styriarte summer showed that our audiences actually appreciate shorter concerts.

So is the Corona version of our new season perhaps even more attractive than long-standing traditions? Absolutely! But we must not forget that there is a price to pay for keeping our concerts going in this way. The musicians have to perform slightly longer for the same money. The audience gets slightly less musical performance for the same money. And the organiser takes on a risk that at present cannot be calculated. So off we go on this adventure together! It will be wonderful. The very fact that we had to really fight for our concerts will guarantee magical moments.

Feel safe with us (more information on this in the service section) and enjoy your styriarte concert experience.

Mathis Huber

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