In 2002 musicians of the Graz Symphony Orchestra formed recreation – GROSSES ORCHESTER GRAZ. The first subscription concerts were given in the 2002/03 season and were enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. Since then the orchestra has performed at the styriarte Festival in Graz, at the Musikverein in Vienna, at the Old Opera in Frankfurt, the Styrian Autumn Festival, the Jazz Summer Graz Festival etc.
The members of the orchestra either studied at the university of music in Graz or teach at one of the music education institutions in that city and whole Styria. With their different nationalities they also create a fusion of many south-east European cultures.

“Music’s only purpose should be for the Glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit”.

As Johann Sebastian Bach put it: “Music’s only purpose should be for the Glory of God and the recreation of the human spirit”. Recreation of the soul, that’s what the orchestra provides for its audience: refreshment, revival, recreation. Furthermore, recreation is what the musicians do: they reconstruct the process of creation by bringing an otherwise lifeless work of art back to life. Since 2002, the musicians of the “recreation” project have been working together in the “Großes Orchester Graz” and have been trying to find new ways to reach this goal.

concertmastersWolfgang RedikHarald Martin Winklerviolins ∙ Heidemarie Berliz ∙ Marina Bkhiyan ∙ Aya Georgieva ∙ Barbara Haslmayr ∙ Felix Korsch ∙ Mirjana Krstic ∙ Albana Laci ∙ Michael Leitner ∙ Angelika Messanegger ∙ Boris Mihaljcic ∙ Silvia Moaweni ∙ Simone Mustein ∙ Sylvia Pillhofer ∙ Claire Quezel ∙ Diana Redik ∙ István Reiter ∙ Christiane Schwab ∙ Toshie Shibata ∙ Katharina Stangl ∙ Gabriele Vollmer ∙ Volker Zach ∙ violas ∙ Ingeburg Weingerl-Bergbaur ∙ Wolfram Fortin ∙ Attila Gacs ∙ Annamaria Guth ∙ Agnieszka Kapron-Nabl ∙ Delphine Krenn-Viard ∙ Christian Marshall ∙ Simona Petrean ∙ Lucas Schurig-Breuß ∙ Wolfgang Stangl ∙ Ioan Stetencu ∙ violoncellos ∙ Ruth Winkler ∙ Inge Bacher ∙ Boglárka Bakó ∙ Gunde Hintergräber ∙ Andrea Molnar ∙ Judit Pap ∙ Martina Trunk ∙ Jan Zdansky ∙ double basses ∙ Andreas Farnleitner ∙ Christian Berg ∙ Martin Brunner ∙ Herbert Lang ∙ Sebastian Rastl ∙ flutes ∙ Heide Wartha ∙ Eva Eibinger ∙ Petra Reiter ∙ oboes ∙ Katalin Kiss ∙ Klaus Mörth ∙ Petra Schirgi-Pirkwieser ∙ Susanne Rosmann ∙ clarinets ∙ Johann Grasch ∙ Gerhard Grassmugg ∙ Manuela Höfler ∙ bassoons ∙ Andor Csonka ∙ Elvira Weidl ∙ horns ∙ Tamas Cserhalmi ∙ Michael Hofbauer ∙ Radu Petrean ∙ Marco Treyer ∙ trumpets ∙ Michael Gönitzer ∙ Karlheinz Kunter ∙ trombones ∙ Ivan Horvat ∙ Christian Godetz ∙ Wolfgang Tischhart ∙ tuba ∙ Hannes Haider ∙ timpani ∙ Ulrike Stadler ∙ percussion ∙ Sebastian Brugner ∙ Janos Figula ∙ harp ∙ Ulrike Mattanovich ∙ piano ∙ Susanne Mörth ∙ Birgit Schweighofer

principal conductor: Michael Hofstetter