The Attems-Saga

Konzert der Palais Attems Hofkapelle in den Prunkräumen des Palais Attems
© Nikola Milatovic

Concert of Palais Attemshofkapelle at Styriarte.STUDIO

Three days of life lived in 1750

The Attems Saga Part 1

A three-day rococo soap opera starting at Palais Attems in Graz: preparations for the empress's visit are in full swing. Adrian Schvarzstein sets the scene for the spectacle.

Book: Thomas Höft

All of Graz is in a state of excitement: “The Empress is coming!” Maria Theresia in person has announced her intention to visit the Styrian capital on 4th July 1750. In Palais Attems things are hectic: Ignaz Maria, master of the house, causes great agitation in his household with his wish to impress the monarch. It is not just that the house must be made presentable, Ignaz Maria wants to display for the Empress all the wonders of Styria in a hastily put together opera. Of course, in the end everything turns out different: the Empress is in a hurry and, by the time the people of Graz put on their Vivaldi-inspired Seasons Opera, she has already left the city.

The premiere of our Attems Saga is a three-day Rococo soap, which can be booked either in its entirety or else in part. To enjoy the full experience, book the double performance Trepp auf, Trepp ab, with a grand prelude in Palais Attems on the first evening, then a performance in the Old University on Friday and the Seasons Opera on Saturday at Graz Theatre. The Friday performance can only be booked together with the Saturday performance. To complete the experience, book the sequel, Königliche Bläser on Sunday at Eggenberg Palace.

Alternative option: the Seasons Opera only, without prelude, on Sunday at Graz Theatre, performances at 11:00 am and 06:00 pm - a most enjoyable opera experience.

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