Attems-Saga: Die Jahres­zeiten-Oper

Carlotta Colombo in der Fux-Oper Amor & Psyche bei der Styriarte in Scholss Eggenberg
© Nikola Milatovic


Rococo soap opera, second part: Dirigent Michael Hofstetter in bester Laune Michael Hofstetter and the singers centred around Carlotta Colombo stehend, blickt in die Kamera Carlotta Colombo turn Vivaldi's "Seasons" into a turbulent opera festival.
The Attems-Saga
The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga The Attems-Saga
The Attems-Saga

Three days of life lived in 1750

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Three days - a celebration

The premiere of our Attems Saga is a three-day Rococo soap, which can be booked either in its entirety or else in part.

To enjoy the full experience, book the double performance:

You will receive a combined ticket:
You choose your seat for the second part in the Graz Theatre by yourself using the seating plan in our WebShop. For the first part of the Attems Saga on Friday, June 28 , as of 5 pm, chamberlain Hippolyt is responsible for allocating the guests. A few days after your booking, you will receive a message telling you when to arrive at Palais Attems.

To complete the experience, book the sequel, Königliche Bläser on Sunday at Eggenberg Palace.

As the palace is preparing for an imperial visit, you are invited to dress accordingly.


The main thing is catchy tunes

An opera for the Empress in two days? Count Attems, Ignaz Maria, puts all his trust in the power of music, and Maestro Hofstetter and Impresario Schvarzstein transform the Four Seasons into an opera pastiche. No tedious recitative; plot not so important; catchy songs the main thing; one gorgeous Vivaldi aria after the other. And while the singers are changing costume, the strings give a brilliant performance of the Seasons. The Styriarte 2024’s Vivaldi pastiche has its premiere at the theatre, sadly without the Empress, but with spectacle galore – not least in the boxes.


Antonio Vivaldi: The Seasons Opera - a pastiche of Vivaldi‘s Four Seasons and his best opera arias.

Duration: approx. 2 hours with intermission


Tickets for the double performance on Friday (prelude) and Saturday (opera):
EUR 48 / 84 / 108 / 156 / 192

U27 (for all under 27) & Ö1 Intro: 50 % reduction

Carlotta Colombo


Über „Gefühle in der Musik“ weiß die Sopranistin aus der Lombardei, Jahrgang 1992, nicht nur aus der Praxis genauestens Bescheid, sondern auch dank ihres gleichnamigen Forschungsschwerpunkts im Studium der Philosophie. An Italiens Häusern ist sie in vielfältigen Rollen zu hören – von Monteverdi und Rameau bis zu Mozart und Rossini.

Anna Manske


The Vienna-born mezzo-soprano is at home on both opera stages and concert stages and has also been greatly celebrated by our festival audience since the Styriarte 2018.

Adrian Schvarzstein


Wherever this man appears, he guarantees to surprise us. Adrian Schvarzstein, born in Buenos Aires in 1967, is not only an actor and clown of international renown, but with his directing works inspired by commedia dell'arte, street art and circus, he turns every musical theatre piece into an adventure for audience and artists alike.

Maria Köstlin­ger


Maria Köstlinger performed at the Salzburg Landestheater as a child and even ventured into the musical field after her acting training. In addition to theatre stages, the quick-change artist can also be seen in film and on television and appeared in series such as “Der Winzerkönig”, “Tatort” and “Vorstadtweiber”.

Georg Kroneis

Viola da Gamba

Der Grazer singt und spielt Viola da Gamba, Kontrabass, Barockcello und Barockgitarre in den Ensembles Fetish Baroque und ĀrtHouse17 sowie ĀrtHouseOpera und ist in Musiktheater- und Zirkustheaterproduktionen des Cirque Noël von Adrian Schvarzstein umtriebig. Georg reist aber auch mit Soloprogrammen in Europa und darüber hinaus.

Matthias Ohner


The self-made actor and trained social worker worked for years on theatre education projects to prevent violence. The multi-talent plays with the conventions of theatre and reinvents it. As Gregor Samsa in Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” he celebrated a big success at the Graz Schauspielhaus.


Under the direction of Maria Fürntratt, the singers of the, consisting of students of the HIB Graz-Liebenau, have been offered comprehensive vocal training since 1995. In numerous international performances from Norway to South Africa and Shanghai to San Francisco, the choir's repertoire ranges from Austrian choral tradition to contemporary music.

Maria Fürntratt


The Graz-based teacher of school music, singing and French has received numerous educational and artistic awards for her choral work at the HIB Graz-Liebenau - most recently the Nikolaus Harnoncourt Culture Prize of the Province of Styria in 2018. Maria Fürntratt has also been a senior lecturer for choral pedagogy, teaching and vocal practice and children's and youth voice training at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz since 2007.

Palais Attems Hofkapelle


The small instrumental ensemble was created especially for productions of the Styriarte at Palais Attems in Graz. In the manner of the court bands of stately houses, the ensemble, which is assembled from the ranks of the Orchestra Recreation, plays courtly chamber music of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Michael Hofstetter


The Munich-born conductor, born in 1961, has been a very close friend of Styriarte since his highly acclaimed work as chief conductor of the Recreation Orchestra (2012 - 2016). His excellence in the historical practice of baroque and classical music as well as his inspiring enthusiasm on the podium are in demand on the world's great concert and opera stages.