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The opera evening in Eggenberg Palace promises pure bliss when Adrian Schvarzstein in der Produktion Il Ciarlatano Adrian Schvarzstein and Alfredo Bernardini blickt in die Noten Alfredo Bernardini devote themselves to a baroque masterpiece by Fux.


Fux.Opernfest im Hof von Schloss Eggenberg

What to expect

Johann Joseph Fux:
La Corona d’Arianna, K 317  


Prices: EUR 44 / 99 / 135 

U27 / Ö1 Intro

After the performance: the evening ends on the picnic meadow. 
Duration: 70 plus 30 minutes  

In case of bad weather, the performance will take place in the Helmut List Halle.

Styriarte Rain Insurance: 
Special sunny performance on 28 June in Schloss Eggenberg.
You will receive free tickets for this if your performance had to move to the Helmut List Halle.

Carlotta Colombo

Über „Gefühle in der Musik“ weiß die Sopranistin aus der Lombardei, Jahrgang 1992, nicht nur aus der Praxis genauestens Bescheid, sondern auch dank ihres gleichnamigen Forschungsschwerpunkts im Studium der Philosophie. An Italiens Häusern ist sie in vielfältigen Rollen zu hören – von Monteverdi und Rameau bis zu Mozart und Rossini.

Monica Piccinini

Ihre innig strömende, sanft leuchtende Stimme gehört zum Schönsten, was man sich für die Affektgesänge eines Monteverdi, Pergolesi oder Händel nur wünschen kann. Kein Wunder, dass Monica Piccininis lyrischer Sopran nicht nur an Italiens großen Häusern bejubelt und von Pultstars wie Jordi Savall oder Fabio Biondi hoch geschätzt wird.

Marianne Beate Kielland


The Norwegian Marianne Beate Kielland is a sought-after interpreter of baroque opera roles and has already been nominated for a US Grammy in the category "Best Vocal Classical Album”. She is one of the leading mezzo-sopranos in Europe and is invited, for example to the Philharmonie Köln as a Lied singer.

Rafał Tomkiewicz


Award-winning, the countertenor from Warsaw has already delivered brilliant performances of works by Handel, Vivaldi and Cavalli. He is also a welcome guest in Austria and performs on stages such as those of the Theater an der Wien and the Vienna Chamber Opera.

Meili Li


The Chinese countertenor delights his audiences at major opera houses and international festivals. Not only his vocal abilities are remarkable, but also his acting skills. No wonder, the singer has also studied film in Beijing.

Arnold Schoenberg Chor

The differentiation and plasticity with which Erwin Ortner's hand-picked ensemble of voices realises choral works from all epochs is unrivalled. The Arnold Schoenberg Choir, founded in 1972 and a regular guest at the Styriarte festival for decades, has won countless prizes - including the Grammy in 2002 for a St Matthew Passion under Nikolaus Harnoncourt.

Erwin Ortner


The doyen of Austrian choral music has been closely associated with the Styriarte festival for decades - also thanks to the congenial, "Grammy"- and "Echo"-award-winning collaboration of his Arnold Schoenberg Choir with Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Erwin Ortner is also Hofkapellmeister in Vienna and was the rector of the Vienna University of Music for many years.

Ensemble Zefiro


The top Italian ensemble is one of the Styriarte's closest friends - it is impossible to imagine our season-long project of rediscovering Fux's operatic jewels without it. Zefiro concentrates on the music of the 18th century and is considered a worldwide reference especially in the concert repertoire with solo wind instruments.

Alfredo Bernardini

Oboist & Conductor

His incredibly lively and sonorous performing has made the Roman Alfredo Bernardini the leading baroque oboist of our time. As a soloist and conductor, he appears worldwide with top ensembles such as Hespèrion XXI or the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra. His own ensemble Zefiro is also a celebrated public favourite at the Styriarte festival.

Adrian Schvarzstein

Wherever this man appears, he guarantees to surprise us. Adrian Schvarzstein, born in Buenos Aires in 1967, is not only an actor and clown of international renown, but with his directing works inspired by commedia dell'arte, street art and circus, he turns every musical theatre piece into an adventure for audience and artists alike.

Lilli Hartmann

Stage designer

The opulence and playfulness of her sets never cease to amaze: Lilli Hartmann plays a decisive role in shaping the look of the Styriarte. The versatile artist from Rosenheim in Bavaria studied in London and worked for a long time in Madrid, outside the theatres she is also represented internationally with exhibitions and short films.

Sirtaki Mamas

Festlich fröhlich verbreitet die Gruppe „Sirtaki Mamas“ das Liedgut Griechenlands. Liebeslieder und instrumentale Stücke, wie sie traditionell auf griechischen Hochzeiten gespielt werden, machen Lust aufs Tanzen.



Quite a lot is going on on the Greek island of Naxos. Ariadne mourns her unfaithful lover Theseus and Bacchus wants so much to comfort her. Venus is the wedding planner and needs to bring the right couples together. In 1726 Johann Joseph Fux composed a splendid “Festa Teatrale” about all this hustle and bustle: “La corona d’Arianna”. Alfredo Bernardini and his Zefiro musicians continue their Fux series in Graz. The ensemble of solo voices is magnificent, the staging by Adrian Schvarzstein clever and the Arnold Schoenberg Choir intoxicating.  

What happens afterwards?

Our crazy Fux party continues no less fun: from Naxos in the palace courtyard we move to the Eggenberg park, where the group "Sirtaki Mamas" is waiting for us with Greek folklore to cheerfully seal the wedding festivities. Just like at a Greek wedding!

Bei uns kommen Sie mit Sicherheit ins Konzert :)