Die Henne & der Bär

Konzertmeister Wolfgang Redik und Musiker:innen des Orchesters Recreation
© Nikola Milatovic


As conducting concertmaster, Wolfgang Redik spielt Violine Wolfgang Redik leads the Recreation Orchestra through the magnificent, joyous and dramatic moments of two of Haydn’s most beautiful symphonies.


Haydn's most beautiful symphonies for Paris

The two most beautiful symphonies that Haydn wrote for Paris never fail to surprise: the grim G minor of No. 83 changes into the cackling of a hen; the splendid C major of No. 82 is thwarted by a dancing bear. As conducting concertmaster, Wolfgang Redik teases all the touches of humour out of the two symphonies, just as Chevalier de Saint-Georges did with the Orchestra of the “Olympic Lodge” at the premiere of the work in Paris.


Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 82 in C major, "L’ours" (The bear)
Symphony Nro. 83 in G minor, "La poule" (The hen)    


20 minutes before the beginning of each performance, Intendant Mathis Huber will tell you the story of the evening.


Prices: EUR 79 / 66 / 52 / 37 / 23 
Discounts: U27 - 50% off for all younger than 27

Recreation - Das Orchester


Recreation is special in many ways: consisting of musicians whose nationalities range from Japan to Venezuela, most of the members received part of their training in Graz. After its formation in 2002, the collective played unique halls such as the Alte Oper Frankfurt and worked with outstanding conductors.

Wolfgang Redik


The violinist from Graz has a soft spot for chamber music and demonstrates real qualities when he leads an entire orchestra as concertmaster.