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Mozart auf Reisen


The most beautiful travels of the Mozarts are illuminated with travel letters read by Johannes Silberschneider, sitz am Tisch, blickt in die Ferne Johannes Silber­schneider and music made by an ensemble around Miriam Kutrowatz schaut verträumt, Blick nach rechts Miriam Kutrowatz .


Styriarte Konzert im Planetensaal in Schloss Eggenberg

What to expect

11am: Die Mozarts in London 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Klavierkonzert Nr. 1 in D major, K 107, Sonata in G major, K 11 
Georg Friedrich Händel: I know that my redeemer liveth (from „Messiah“) 
Johann Christian Bach: Se il ciel mi divide (from „Ezio“), Concerto for piano in D major, WC 54 (Variations on „God save the King“) 

Roast beef and royals in London in 1765: the Mozarts loved the cosmopolitan city on the Thames, the friendly royal family and especially the music of the “London Bach”, Johann Christian. 

3pm: Cavaliere Mozart 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento in D major, K 136, Al mio ben mi veggio avanti (from „Ascanio in Alba“), Pupille amate (from „Lucio Silla“), Allegro aus String quartet in C major, K 157 
Pietro Carlo Guglielmi: Per il primo e caro oggetto (from „Ruggiero“)  

Castrati and clergy in Italy in and around 1770: what Mozart and his father had to report from Milan, Bologna and Rome is wonderfully illustrated in arias from Mozart's Milanese operas and string quartets. 

6pm: Wolfgang in Paris 

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Violin sonata in e minor, K 304, two french ariettas, K 307 & 308, Flute quartet in D major, K 285 
Christoph Willibald Gluck: Dance of the Blessed Spirits (from „Orphée“), Ah, si la liberté me doit être ravie (from „Armide“) 

Mozart was exasperated by the arrogance of the French nobility and the intrigues in Paris in 1778. Gluck’s heavenly music was balm for his frustrated soul. The famous flute solo from Gluck’s Orpheus and arias from Armide alternate with works by Mozart from 1778. 

Duration: each performance about 60 minutes without an interval 


Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66 (single performance) 
EUR 44 / 88 / 132 (all three shows) 

U27 / Ö1 Intro

Miriam Kutrowatz

The freshness and expressiveness of her singing, combined with exceptional acting skills, predestine the 1997-born Viennese for opera. Her stunning Zerlina was a highlight of the semi-concert "Don Giovanni in Nöten" at the Styriarte 2020. Her repertoire already ranges from Handel to Humperdinck.

Florian Birsak

The Salzburg native is one of the most respected specialists in historically informed performance practice on the fortepiano and clavichord. His outstanding basso continuo playing makes him a sought-after continuo partner for numerous top orchestras, and he also shines as a stylistically confident soloist and chamber musician in baroque and classical music.

Fritz Kircher

With his two violins, the Carinthian covers the field of historical practice as well as that of modern sound. As first violinist of the Haydn Quartet and member of other chamber music ensembles, he performs on the major international stages. He is also closely associated with the Styriarte as guest concertmaster of the Recreation Orchestra.

Markus Hoffmann

The violinist and Viennese by choice Markus Hoffmann has been Concerto Köln’s concertmaster since 2006, inspired by his love of the baroque violin. As a chamber musician and soloist on the violin, viola and viola d’amore, he has travelled all parts of the world and participated in ensembles such as the Philharmonic State Orchestra Hamburg.

Firmian Lermer

The solo violist and chamber musician Firmian Lermer studied in Vienna, Munich and Amsterdam and worked with the Camerata Academica Salzburg for many years. In addition to his virtuoso work on international stages, he is also a sought-after leader of master classes at the University of Auckland and at Yale University.

Ursina Braun


The musician, born in Zurich in 1992, lives out her intensely personal approach to music in the world of composition, which she discovered for herself at the age of 14. Much earlier she decided on her instrument, the violoncello, with which she has won numerous international prizes. Stylistically, she can do everything - from baroque to modern.


schönsten Stationen der Wanderjahre Mozarts

Back to the 18th century in a time machine. Mozart spent ten years of his life traveling. The Styriarte only needs one day and three concerts in Schloss Eggenberg to tell the best stories from his wandering years: about the nine-year-old child prodigy in London, the fourteen-year-old “Cavaliere Mozart” in Italy and the irritated genius in Paris in 1778. The family letters of the Mozarts make wonderful reading material for the Styrian actor Johannes Silberschneider. 

With us you are sure to get into the concert :)