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Gypsy Devils
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Things get devilishly hot when the Slovakian group Gypsy Devils Gypsy Devils turns Roma musical traditions into a virtuoso spectacle.


Cigánski Diabli

The heat of summer is felt again and again in the passionate music of the Roma people. Cigánski Diabli, Gypsy Devils, is the name of the virtuoso group from Slovakia who have dedicated themselves to Roma music, submerging their audience in the shimmering heat of the Pannonian summer. The cimbalom always plays a central role, be it in the traditional Roma songs or in the virtuoso adaptations of classics like Bizet’s Carmen and Brahms’ Hungarian Dances.


Djelem, djelem (Roma hymn) | Oči čiornyje (Black eyes, Roma song) | Gypsies go to Heaven | Carmen à la Gypsy Devils | Johannes Brahms, Hungarian Dance Nr. 5 and others 

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break


20 minutes before each performance in the foyer, we will tell you about the story of the evening.


Prices: EUR 20 | 38 | 58

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
Reductions: U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

Gypsy Devils


"Cigánski Diabli - Gypsy Devils" is the name of the virtuoso group from Slovakia that has dedicated itself entirely to Roma music. The orchestra mixes gypsy, jazz, ethno, flamenco and other genres with classical pieces.