Steirischer Herbst

Citoller Tanzgeiger auf der Styriarte Bühne
© Nikola Milatovic

Citoller Tanzgeiger


Who better to celebrate the end of a fruitful cultivation cycle than the Citoller Tanzgeiger beim Festival PSALM 2016 Citoller Tanz­geiger family of musicians with traditional songs, dances and yodelling.


Autumn in Styria

The Citoller Tanzgeiger XL (with vocals, instrumentals, the whole works) celebrate autumn.

Autumn in Styria is the season of wine. No wonder, then, that the harvesting and pressing of the grapes and the appreciation of wine have left their mark on folk culture and folk music, featuring in many songs, dances, “Jodler” and poems. With musical gusto, the Citoller Tanzgeiger delve into the whole wonderful range of Styrian celebrations of wine with all the consequences of intoxication: anything can happen, the holy as well as the outright wordly.. 

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break


20 minutes before each performance in the foyer, we will tell you about the story of the evening.


Prices: EUR 20 | 38 | 58

Subscription (four performances of free choice)
Reductions: U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1

Citoller Tanz­geiger


When the yodellers echo through the valley at the Styriarte and the folk dances bounce on the floor, the legendary Citoller are not far away. Nobody combines the hearty with the gallant, the wild with the tender more easily than the famous Härtel family music from the Übelbach valley north of Graz.