for future

We are living in remarkable times. A whole generation of young people are raising their voices for the future of our culture on planet Earth, demonstrating Friday after Friday “for future”. However, as topical as the issue is, this youth movement is part of an impressively long tradition. In the 20th century, for example, it was the peace movement that took to the streets in the 70s and 80s, protesting against the nuclear arms race. In the 60s it was the flower children. But earlier still, there were those who felt their society was going in a dangerous direction and in need of conversion. This was what preoccupied Saint Francis of Assisi, who, long before the Industrial Revolution, preached renouncement, humility and concern for all of creation.

Easter plays a central role in many of these movements. The Easter Marches of the anti-nuclear weapons movement, the Franciscans’ popular pilgrimages – they all drew inspiration from the biblical Easter story. But future is also at the heart of the Jewish Feast of Passover, on which the festival of Easter is based: Pessach is rebirth and renewal.

PSALM will therefore be a musical celebration of the new beginnings of past times, from the Franciscans’ Palm Sunday liturgical plays to the songs of the flower children. And this will be the question: what can a music festival of the present do for the future of all of us?

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