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Leaves of Gingko Biloba

Psalm 2021

... for future

Let‘s just start again from the beginning …

With the PSALM festival we always look at the big issues in life. With music, joy, passion and good humour, of course, but seriously too. And certainly one of the biggest issues at the moment is how we intend to live with each other on this little planet in the future. It is all too obvious that our present way of life has us plundering the earth’s resources indiscriminately, destroying the environment and causing climate warming. Music and the arts have a lot to say about this, of course. And it was programmes on this topic that we wanted to play for you at Easter 2020 under the title “for future!”.

We all know what happened next. The Corona virus put our lives on hold. In the hope of things improving in the new year, we have looked at all our cancelled projects again, in particular PSALM, and realised that all the issues of nearly a year ago appear to be not only still relevant but even more urgent than before. Which is why we are quite simply starting over and presenting PSALM ”for future!” once again. But as with all new starts, there will be changes: the programmes and projects have grown and matured in the meantime. And with any luck, they will point the way to a better future, in PSALM 2021 “… for future!”.

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