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Ensemble Sarband

© Werner Kmetitsch

About the Artists

Sarband means connection

In Mid-Eastern music theory, this term signifies a link between two compositions within a musical suite. Ensemble Sarband invites most diverse audiences as well as

most diverse performers “to come together”; it “binds” them to cultural experiences previously perceived as alien.

Musical director Vladimir Ivanoff, who founded Sarband in 1988, connects cultures, people and epochs, both as a scholar and a musician: His programs unite musicians from widely different cultures and musical backgrounds and mediate between past and present, Early Music and living traditions.

The cooperation in the ensemble is not a fashionable crossover, but conceived as a continuous dialogue on equal terms. All the artists unrestrictedly contribute their native traditions, their personal histories and their own creativity to the programs, so that Sarband also becomes a musical training ground for communication and tolerance between different cultural identities.

Two „Echo Klassik” Awards, two “Grammy” Nominations, the German Word Music Award and other Awards honor Sarband’s worldwide artistic activities and their innovative concert programs in the last three decades. The group released numerous CDs and a large number of renowned concert venues already became a home for intercultural dialogue and communication.

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