Charlie Chaplin


The Stefaniensaal becomes a cinema hall when the American star organist Cameron Carpenter sitzenden an der ITO Cameron Carpenter improvises to Charlie Chaplin’s silent film: live and full of imagination.


What to expect

Charlie Chaplins silent film tragicomedy "The Kid" (Der Vagabund und das Kind) 
accompanied live on the organ at Stefaniensaal 

Duration: around 70 minutes without a break


Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66

U27 (for all under 27) & Ö1 Intro: 50 % reduction

Cameron Carpenter


Fit as a fiddle, eccentric as Glenn Gould: Cameron Carpenter from the USA has redefined the organ concert format. And that is by no means only due to his eccentric clothes or his high-tech travelling organ. What has made him a punk icon of his guild is his ingenious approach to the repertoire from Bach to pop.


"The Kid" accompanied live on the organ

The character Charlie Chaplin played in his first full-length feature film became famous the world over and is one with which we still associate the brilliant actor: the poor tramp who refuses to let anything get him down.  In “The Kid” the tramp finds a small boy in the street and takes him under his wing. What little the tramp has, he shares, never suspecting that the boy in his care is the missing child of a famous opera singer. With his inimitable talent for improvisation, Cameron Carpenter accompanies the touching silent movie on the Stefaniensaal’s organ.

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