Ibn Battuta


Jordi Savall mit Viola da Gamba Jordi Savall does the same as the Berber Ibn Battuta and travels halfway around the world on his trail with the ensemble Hespèrion XXI Hespèrion XXI


Hespèrion XXI

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Hespèrion XXI


The Early Music Ensemble is committed to the original spirit of its repertoire, which consists of works from the Middle Ages to the Baroque, and offers its audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in the aesthetic delicacy of the time by using period instruments.

Jordi Savall

Viola da Gamba & Conductor

There is no early music fan who does not know the name Jordi Savall. There is no award that the "Ambassador of the European Union for Cultural Dialogue" has not won in the course of his world career. So it is all the more enjoyable that the Catalan, born in 1941, has been one of the Styriarte's closest and most loyal friends for decades.

Michael Dangl


Neben seinen großen Rollen im Film und auf der Bühne widmet sich der Schauspielstar aus Salzburg stets auch intensiv der Musik – sei es als klavierspielender Darsteller an seinem Stammhaus in der Josefstadt oder in musikalischen Lesungen, die er etwa gemeinsam mit Konstantin Wecker, Gidon Kremer oder der Rheinischen Philharmonie gestaltet.


in the footsteps of the traveller Ibn Battuta

Abu Abdallah Muhammad Ibn Battuta, a Berber from Morocco, went on a pilgrimage to Mecca in the 14th century. Afterwards, instead of returning home, he travelled halfway round the world, curious and seeking adventure. Today it is a matter of conjecture whether his famous travel journal is chiefly an imposture, consisting of fake news. However, of one thing there is no doubt: it is fantastic literature. Jordi Savall and his large ensemble follow in the footsteps of the traveller, creating a sumptuous sound, expansive and amicable, as like Ibn Battuta himself. 

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