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Mord im Orient-Express


Trio Macchiato in einer Gasse auf einer weißen Vespa Trio Macchiato FEHLTmoves musically between Istanbul and Paris, the same route on which Maria Köstlinger mit ausgebreiteten Armen Maria Köstlin­ger tries to solve the murder on the Orient Express.


What to expect

Agatha Christie: Mord im Orient-Express   

Duration: about 65 minutes without an interval 


Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66

U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1 / Standard Abo

Maria Köstlin­ger

Maria Köstlinger performed at the Salzburg Landestheater as a child and even ventured into the musical field after her acting training. In addition to theatre stages, the quick-change artist can also be seen in film and on television and appeared in series such as “Der Winzerkönig”, “Tatort” and “Vorstadtweiber”.


Thriller with a soundtrack

All aboard, close the doors, the train is departing! A trip on the Orient Express is pure luxury. Master detective Hercule Poirot thinks so too, until the train gets stuck in a snowstorm and a corpse with twelve knife wounds in the stomach turns up in the sleeping car. What is the plot behind this murder and what do the six eccentric women on the train have to do with it? Maria Köstlinger relates their lies as skillfully as Ingrid Bergman and Lauren Bacall tell them in the famous Hollywood movie. The Trio Macchiato portrays the train’s route from Istanbul to Paris via the Balkans in a delightful world music mix. 

With us you are sure to get into the concert :)