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Markus Schirmer in blauem Anzug lehnt an einer Wand Markus Schirmer and Risgar Koshnaw embark on a musical journey around the world when they span the spectrum from oriental to classical music with Scurdia on stage, blauer Hintergrund Scurdia


Scurdia musizieren auf der Bühne in blauem Licht

What to expect

A whole new world music journey by and with Markus Schirmer and his friends 

Duration: Performance with an inverval  


Prices: EUR 22 / 44 / 66

U27 / Ö1 Intro / Club Ö1


When the sounds of the Orient and Occident mingle and send you into wild ecstasy, pianist Markus Schirmer and Kurdish lutenist Risgar Koshnaw have taken the stage with their project “Scurdia”

Markus Schirmer

Nie könnte man die berühmte Stecknadel lauter fallen hören als in jenen kostbaren Momenten, in denen sich Markus Schirmer, Jahrgang 1963, an den Flügel setzt. Sein unerhört eloquentes und beredtes Klavierspiel hat ihn nicht nur zum Publikumsliebling seiner Heimatstadt Graz gemacht, sondern auch zu einem preisgekrönten Star auf den Podien der Welt.


bold, stunning and intimate

Scurdia is oriental folk music, jazz, soul, funk, ethno, Austro and, of course, quite often classical music. Pianist Markus Schirmer, oud virtuoso Risgar Koshnaw from Kurdistan and their fellow musicians abandon rigid boundaries for new perspectives. Their spontaneous improvisation is bold, stunning and intimate and reveals the immense richness of music in a new light. In principle, all the musicians are on a journey, playfully exploring new terrain, until diversity suddenly becomes unity and the seemingly disparate is celebrated as being obviously and delightfully compatible. 

With us you are sure to get into the concert :)